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It's National TV Talk Show Host Day with Special Guest, Mel Robbins

Written by: Stacey Schulman | October 23, 2019

Mel Robbins Photo

As we celebrate National TV Talk Show Host Day, Katz Media Group sat down with new syndicated TV talk show host, Mel Robbins, to learn more about how she's navigating her phenomenal self-help brand on a brand new medium - television. 

In the thirty minute conversation, we discuss a variety of timely topics from her choice to take her brand to local TV to the growing need for "authenticity" in our culture and what she's learned from Radio that she is bringing to her show every day.

We also picked up a thing or two in our time with Ms. Robbins and are getting more nimble and sharing this interview in a new podcast format.

Listen here!





Images and show clips are courtesy of Sony Pictures Television.


5-4-3-2-1 Mel Robbins' "5 Second Rule", is a countdown that changed her life and millions like her ...  The Mel Robbins show is a talk show that emphasizes day-to-day conflict and commitment to resolution.  The show has been cleared on a majority of non-traditional affiliates.

Over the first 6 weeks of the syndication season, Mel's household viewers have remained steady while adult and women viewers have steadily been growing over the past two weeks.


  • True to her audio roots, The Mel Robbins Show is also available as a podcast on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  
  • Mel began her professional career as a criminal defense attorney before building her self-help empire.
  • The talk show host has an impressive personal social media following (802K on Instagram, 442K on Facebook), while the official show pages, like her TV audience, are slowly gaining traction.
  • The Mel Robbins Show is taped at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City.  Tickets are free and can be requested online.
  • Learn more about The Mel Robbins Show on the website - www.melrobbinsshow.com


Want to make sure you don't miss a single insight?  Get a copy of the interview transcript!

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